The Red Butterfly  series

Heroine: Maya
Books 1-6 
YA - Christian - Detective/Mystery

Maya Colebrook 6-Book Series: Follow the heroic saga of Maya, a psychic medium who works with Caldwell, Montana's sheriff's department to solve murders and missing person cases.
During her journey, Maya also unravels the truth of her real parents she kept hidden deep within herself. Can she survive the demons haunting her night and day and can she really trust those she trusts the most?
Or, will she just become the winged creature in the ruby red sky?

Heroine: enkarra
Books 7-9 
YA - Christian - dystopian

After Maya's time, a new heroine, EnKarra, seeks vengeance for her family who was brutally murdered by a man she now calls "Father". As EnKarra becomes a Zagra officer, she also learns the truth of who her enemies really are, including a handsome Mazam boy, Ryker. When she becomes entrapped to her destiny, can she fulfill the vengeance she once seeked?
Who will she become, and what will she do to avenge her family? 

Heroine: arabella
Books 10-12
YA - Christian - fantasy