Aubrey Moore

I was born to write. Since I was ten I sat on the stairs outside my grandparents' house and just...wrote! As a kid I'd write anything from romance to ghost adventures to "how to become a rock star."
Every Friday and Saturday night-instead of going out with friends, I'd be writing. Didn't matter what-I just had to write! I was consumed-a hermit no doubt, but I couldn’t sleep or work on homework until I had the next chapter or scene complete.

I started writing screenplays when I was twelve. I literally have over two-hundred story ideas written in journals (either full/complete stories or just ideas). Someone asked me-where do you keep all them? Where I can access them the easiest-under my bed in a massively large bin...
The Red Butterfly series came to me when I was sixteen. I wrote a screenplay about a girl who had "special powers" and could see ghosts. When I decided to evolve my characters and create a novel based off the story I quickly realized-Maya Colebrook's character needed to live on through multiple books. Thus where the six-book series came in.
Among the Red Butterfly series I have also been working on a Young Adult fantasy series in which a heroine must go on a “quest.” She too has “special powers.” These books will take place in a world not like Earth.
During this new adventure of mine, I’ve also started a publishing company, RipplEffect Books , in which I encourage young writers (16-22) to…write! The “ripple effect” notion is just as I intend to use it for-to help young writers establish themselves and to make their dreams come to life.
2018: I'm currently 30 years old and reside in Nevada with my wonderful husband, wild and carefree daughters, & a couple pets. I look out onto my sanctuary and thank God every day that I am ALIVE and doing what I love.
2010: Inheritence: Short Screenplay in which Foothill College’s acting class performed
2011: Received AA in English from Foothill College in Los Altos, CA
2015: Started RipplEffect Books (Publishing Co)
December 1, 2015: Butterfly Red Sky Released: Book One of the Red Butterfly series

January 2016-2018: Books 2-6 of the Red Butterfly series were released